Easy DIY Recipes: Christmas Gift Edition

We're all about unique gifts and simple, straight-from-nature products, especially ones you can make yourself. This list is the best of both - check it out!  Psst! Like the ideas but don't have the time? Message us and we can make it for you! You can create your own holiday…

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Top Oils to Support Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is coming around again...ugh. So we decided to list some of our top oils and how to use them! Check out the end of this post for some of our team's favorite ways to boost immunity the natural way! Make sure and comment or contact us…

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Synergy & Oils

What is synergy? You can think of it as the science behind blending... "The interaction of two or more agents so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects." [1]

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Hand Sanitizer

Natural Hand Sanitizer

Natural ingredients to stay clean... that's our goal for our new natural hand sanitizer! And after trial runs and many scent tests, we feel we hit our goal;) No hand sanitizer should completely replace good ole fashion hand washing (especially with a natural soap;), but it can be a great…

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Top 4 Uses for Sweet Basil

Pesto pasta, margarita pizza, thai curry... this herb is everywhere! And Sweet Basil gives us an essential oil that smells just like its parent plant and is used for a lot more than just flavoring foods.   Sweet Basil at a Glance: Distillation method | steam distillation Aroma | herbaceous with…

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Top 5 Uses for Pink Grapefruit

If you love the fruit (or even if you don't like the taste), you'll love the essential oil it makes... From weight loss to cleaning, Pink Grapefruit has several key uses that deserve a spot in the limelight!  Grapefruit at a Glance: Distillation method | Cold Pressed Aroma | Fresh,…

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