We love being outdoors. But not when the bugs are biting - which is pretty much anytime you're around something green outside. But... good news! Bugs can't stand certain essential oils, and essential oils are a much safer and non-toxic alternative to DEET. Here are some of the basic bug-repelling essential oils :)

Bug Repelling Oils

When your using them with kids...

If you're thinking of using these oils on or around kids, make sure you choose ones that are kid safe! We have a kid safe list of essential oils below. Click on the oil to follow the link for more information (look in the specific oil's detail section in our shop!). Check our FAQ section on kid safety for more info on which oils are safe for what ages.

Kids 5yrs and up can use the same oils that are considered safe for adults.

For little ones 2 to 5yrs, blood cedarwood, thyme (ct linalool), lavender, geranium and lemon are considered safe when used at the proper dilution rate.

Quick tip for using essential oils with kids - always dilute! Here are the safe dilution rates for your child's age:

  • 1 to 2yrs  -  6 drops EOs to 1/4 cup carrier oil
  • 2 to 5yrs  -  9 drops EOs to 1/4 cup carrier oil


Best oils to repel mosquitos:

Best oils to repel ticks:

Best oils to repel flies:

Best oils to repel ants:

Mix and match the oils to get the scent and bug-repelling benefits that are just right for you! If you want to make a more effective bug spray, choosing multiple oils works better than just using one essential oil. This is called synergy, which happens when you blend essential oils together. Basically, synergy means "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". If you want to learn more about synergy, check out our blog post!

Try out making your own bug repellant with our basic bug repellant recipe!

This recipe is diluted to 2% and makes a 4oz bottle.