We're all about unique gifts and simple, straight-from-nature products, especially ones you can make yourself. This list is the best of both - check it out! 

Psst! Like the ideas but don't have the time? Message us and we can make it for you! You can create your own holiday gift labels (avery is our go-to for good quality and inexpensive labels plus you can print it off at home if you have the right labels!) or message us and we can send you one of our pre-made labels!

Coconut & Coffee Body Scrub

| Makes approx 15oz |

What you need...

| mix and store in a 15oz - 16oz glass container with a lid |

Pro tip: Mix the coconut oil and essential oils together first then add it to the dry ingredients. Your essential oils will be more evenly mixed throughout the entire scrub!

Note: If you don't have coconut sugar on hand just swap it out for regular cane sugar or white sugar. And just to point out that this recipe uses ground cinnamon spice, not the essential oil! This one is not a "swap out" option since cinnamon is too hot of an oil to use in this scrub.

Sweet Mint Tinted Lip Balm

| Makes approx 3 to 4 15ml tins or 10 chapstick tubes |

What you need...

| mix and store in a 15oz - 16oz glass container with a lid |

Pro tip: Add the beetroot and cocoa powder little by little so you can easily adjust the amount to get the right tint you're looking for.

Note: You can swap out the lime and peppermint essential oils for your favorite oil combo! Lavender, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Sweet Orange... you choose!

Whiskey Beard Oil

| Makes approx 4oz |

Inspired by helloglow!

What you need...

  • Whiskey - 2 tablespoons
  • Jojoba oil - 4 tablespoons
  • Essential oil of your choice! - 60 drops total

| mix and store in a glass bottle with a dropper |

Pro tip: Looking for some scent inspiration? Here's our top picks... Patchouli + Cedarwood (this is what we tried!) is warm, woodsy and earthy; Clove Bud + Bergamot is a classic for spice lovers; Sweet Orange + Black Pepper is a great choice if your looking for a clean and crisp citrus feel.

Note: Not feeling the diy spirit? It comes and goes so no worries - we got you covered... we have our Beard Oil pre-made and on hand for any guys on your list sporting a beard;)

Whipped Body Butter 

| Makes approx 10oz |

What you need...

| add all ingredients to a medium sized bowl and mix with an electric hand mixer for 1-2 minutes (until peaks form). Store in a jar with a lid |

Pro tip: You don't need to melt any of the oils for this recipe... in order to get a whipped consistency, your coconut and shea butter should be room temperature. Mixing the sweet almond, avocado oil and essential oils together first then adding to the other ingredients ensures its evenly mixed throughout the butter. An electric hand mixer or beater works best on this recipe over something like a nutribullet or food processor. 

Note: This recipe is safe to use if you're pregnant and for use around (but not on) new babies;) This essential oils in this recipe comes to a pregnancy safe dilution rate of .5%. If you're not pregnant, feel free to double the essential oils to make it smell stronger if you'd like! This body butter is great to use if you want to help prevent or heal stretch marks;) If you don't have all the oils in this recipe, swap them out for 50 drops of our Grounding blend! It has a similar aroma to the original oils in this recipe and is also pregnancy safe.

Bath Salts

| Makes approx 3 12oz jars (3 baths per jar) |

What you need...

| mix and store in a glass jar with a lid |

Pro tip: Here's some essential oil combos that we love for our bath salts... for relaxation and sleep do 12 drops Lavender and 12 drops Atlas Cedarwood; for grounding and stress relief do 12 drops Sweet Orange, 6 drops Patchouli and 6 drops Bergamot; for muscle relief do 12 drops Sweet Marjoram, 6 drops Lavender and 6 drops Peppermint. Mix the coconut (or sweet almond) oil and essential oils together first then add it to the dry ingredients so your essential oils will be more evenly mixed! 

Note: This recipe makes about 3 jars (12oz ea jar) of salts... so one for you and two for friends;) Serving size per bath is about a 1/2 cup of salts. Finish the gift look with a simple label! Create your own and print it out using this template by avery. Or message us at questions@verdantoils.com and use one of ours! We have a label for bath salts we created in house that we can send you and you can print off via avery at home.