Have a friend who already has all the oils? 

Check out these Verdant gift ideas plus some fun add-ons that we love!

Ceramic Diffuser


Diffuser Pin 

If you have a friend that loves oils, a diffuser is the safest bet for gift-giving... cause we all secretly want one in each room of the house;) Simple and classy, our ceramic diffuser is a perfect fit for any room's decor. Pair it with a cute little wooden pin handmade by PineValleyMarket to diffuse a drop of their favorite oil when their out and about!

EOs to Go Roller Kit & Little Ones Roller Kit


Essential Oil Bottle & Roller Tool

Our Roller Kits make great stocking stuffers! Pre-diluted roller blends like Immune Support, De-Stress, Sweet Sleep, Chill Out and more are ready to roll on and go! Pairing it with this handy bottle cap and roller top pop-off tool makes life even easier... great tool to save your nails and spare any spills for re-using oil bottles!

Diffuser Necklaces & Gemstone Bracelets


Gemstone Roller Tops

Have a friend that already has a diffuser for every room in the house? Now you can introduce them to a new way to diffuse all their favorite oils - diffuser jewelry! Our necklaces have porous lavastones on a simple gold or silver chain and our handmade gemstone diffuser bracelets make perfect gifts! Our bracelets come in lots of different styles and are made with genuine gemstones and porous lava, sandalwood or rosewood beads. Keep a gemstone theme and pair one with a beautiful gemstone roller top insert for those special roller blends! 

DIY Cleaner Spray Bottle 

Guide book to essential oils!

Our glass amber 16oz spray bottle is perfect for any aspiring "diy"er. Throw in a The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for tips on what oils to use in creating their own blends and sprays. It's a great resource and one of our favorites! An "essential" read for any oil lover;)