Essential oils can be a great tool to help the body naturally fight off and recover from colds and viruses. Certain essential oils are better to use around kids when they are fighting off a sore throat or head cold. Be sure to read our part 2 of this post - it explains the best ways to use these oils with kids!

These oils are still tough on colds and viruses but are gentler on children's systems when diluted properly. Below are a few oils at the top of the list.

This type of eucalyptus is gentler than the more common eucalyptus globulous. Eucalyptus radiata is safe for kids when properly diluted.

It has antiviral, decongestant and expectorant properties, and supports normal restoration and helps reduce fevers.

Linalool, a chemical compound, is one of the main components of this type of thyme essential oil, making it a gentler option for use with children when diluted properly.

It has antiviral properties and helps ease chronic and deep set coughs.

At the correct dilution, most of the cedarwood oils are considered safe for use with children. Our aromatherapists suggest Atlas cedarwood for use with kids.

It has expectorant properties and helps to calm coughs.

Lavender is considered one of the gentlest oils and is a staple in most oil collections. Even though its considered safe for use with kids, its still a good idea to dilute it to the proper rate for topical use.

It is immune supportive, helps reduce fevers and eases coughs.

Safe for kids when properly diluted, frankincense is a perfect choice for immune support.

It has expectorant and immune modulating properties, and helps sooth coughs and aids normal respiration.

Lemon is safe for use with children and should be diluted to .5% for topical use. Lemon is a phototoxic oil (can cause skin irritation when exposed to direct sunlight). To avoid skin irritation, it should be diluted properly if you know your child will be spending some time outside in the sun.

It has immune supportive and antimicrobial properties, and helps reduce fever, nausea and vomiting.