So... are essential oils safe for kids? 

The answer is yes! But not all oils and not all the time... So it's a little more complicated than a straight "yes" but not to worry! We'll talk about some helpful tips, basic guidelines and safe dilution rates to get you going. 

Oils can help your kiddos with many different physical or mental ailments the same way they help you. But there are  some oils that aren't safe for kids at all while others have to be diluted to a certain rate depending on a child's age to be safe. 

What to Remember

Remember that essential oils are highly concentrated substances and a child's body is more sensitive as it develops than an adult's. A basic guideline for using essential oils with kids is to use common sense and care. It's best to use gentler essential oils and a higher dilution rate.

You shouldn't give essential oils orally to children. It's also a good rule of thumb to not use oils around a child's eyes or other sensitive skin areas. If an oil does get in their eye, immediately flush it out with a carrier oil, not water! 

Which Oils are "Kid Safe"?

If you've used essential oils at all, you've probably figured out that some oils are gentler than others. For instance, Sweet Orange and Oregano are definitely NOT interchangeable... As a child grows, they're body's ability to handle certain stronger oils expands. Like an essential oil "level up". 

Below are oils considered safe for different ages at the proper dilution rate. Don't worry, we'll talk about safe dilution rates in just a sec!

3 days to 3 months: 

lavender, mandarin and roman chamomile

5 years to 12 years: 

all oils considered safe for adults*

*Eucalyptus smithii and rosemary should not be used on or near the face of children below the age of 10

Safe Ways to Use Oils for Kids


You can use essential oils two different ways for kids - diffusing or topically with a carrier oil. Combining essential oils with a carrier oil (like coconut, sweet almond or olive oil) is called dilution.

Diluting essential oils is a must when using on your little one's skin. It slows the absorption rate of the essential oils into the skin, and prevents reactions or irritations on kid's more sensitive skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated and POWERFUL. You should always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil when applying to a child's skin. We recommend using sweet almond oil for children.

Check out our quick chart for diluting a safe oil based on your child's age! 

NOTE | Dilution rates are only for the recommended oils for that age. 


Diffusing oils around kids is easy. You can use the same amount of oils as you would normally use - just make sure the essential oils are kid safe!

The thing to remember when diffusing around kids is for how long. For children under the age of 5, it's best to diffuse for only 2 to 4 hours at a time. A diffuser with a timer setting makes this simple!

Can't remember which oils are kid safe for your kiddo? We get it, life gets busy... so we created some kid-safe blends to make things even easier...

Check out our Chill Out, Cough + Cold and TumEase blends! They also come in pre-diluted rollers that are safe for ages 6mo and up! All our kid-safe blends have the lighter blue color band for easy reference!