Essential oils aren’t new, but the science behind them is. They aren’t some mystical potion or unexplainable magic serum. There is scientific evidence for their claimed properties. Though we can’t make as many health claims as we’d like due to FDA regulations, we can point you in the right direction to form your own opinions based on the evidence out there.

Each member of our founding team grew up in families who placed a high value on healthy, natural living. Essential oils are a major part of that lifestyle and the science behind them is what led two of our founding members to become certified aromatherapists. We grew up as childhood friends and both our families encouraged us to “do what you love”. So in 2017, while pursuing our aromatherapy certificates and with those words in mind, we started Verdant Oils. We wanted to make a healthy difference for other families without the high price tag. A lot of companies have a “middle man” that has to get paid and we wanted to cut that out and give the savings straight to our customers! So while our prices are lower our quality is still just as high! We have the GC/MS reports to prove it.

Essential oils are our passion - from the science behind them, to purity, to everyday uses. We want to inspire you to safely and effectively use essential oils and develop your own healthy lifestyle with them.


We guarantee our oils to be pure and of the highest quality. Each batch of essential oil is tested at the distillery before purchase and again at the supplier for impurities, artificial coloring or fragrances, synthetic and natural additives or any other adulteration.

We provide GC/MS reports below the description of each oil. Though our essential oils are not third-party tested, we are fully confident all our oils meet our standards for purity and quality.

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Co-Founder & Aromatherapist

At Verdant, you can usually find me creating in our “oil room”. I received my certification in aromatherapy in 2017 from FSIHS and love to research and discover how essential oils work with our bodies. I’m usually the one answering questions about oils, and I love creating unique blends and products for people’s specific needs! Some of my favorite things are spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, and curling up with a good book to read!



Co-Founder & Aromatherapist

I’m a mom of two little boys and a giant (and hairy) golden retriever. You’ll usually find me running our booth at shows or chatting with you on our social media. I completed my aromatherapy certification in the spring of 2018 from FSIHS and I'm now diving into the world of herbalism and working towards getting certified in that. I enjoy being outside, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, and dreaming up new ideas!



Co-Founder & Writer

I’m the girl behind the scenes - I have a Bachelors in Communication Studies and enjoy creating content for and sharing our team’s combined knowledge on Verdant’s website, social media and blog! I love learning about healthy, natural living all the way from essential oils to nutrition and exercise. I enjoy being active, being outdoors, drinking coffee, watching movies and sharing our team’s heart for essential oils and healthy living!