For The Love Of Essential Oils

When you love essential oils as much as we do it’s important to have high standards and test for the highest quality. Our mission is to bring our customers a pure product and help them improve their healthy lifestyle.

Our oils are 100% pure and unadulterated, which means the essential oil is truly authentic and uses the purest form of the plant. There are no synthetic oils, fillers, oil substitutes, or artificial ingredients. Easy access to GC/MS reports provides the unique properties and chemical makeup of each oil.


Straight from nature. Not synthetic or genetically modified.


GC/MS tested. Guaranteed safe and effective.


Unadulterated. No synthetic, natural additives or oil substitutes

Our Product Guarantee

Since it is important to us that we offer the best oils available we guarantee our oils to be pure and of the highest quality. Each batch of essential oil is tested at the distillery before purchase and again at the supplier for impurities, artificial coloring or fragrances, synthetic and natural additives or any other adulteration.

GC/MS reports are easily accessable for each oil. Though our essential oils are not third-party tested, we are fully confident all our oils meet our standards for purity and quality.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, powerful tools and should be used with respect. We guarantee our oils to be safe and effective by following our suggested dilution rates. 

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