Bergamot Essential Oil (Citrus bergamia) has a bitter-sweet, herbaceous aroma with earthy accents. Grown in Italy, our Bergamot Essential Oil is cold pressed from the fruit’s peel. This essential oil is part of our Citrus category and is a yellowish-green oil with a thin consistency.


GC/MS Reports


  • Unadulterated Bergamot essential oil has a characteristic aroma with oily, herbaceous and/or balsamic, earthy undertones. The oil comes from the fruit of a small, delicate tree famously grown in southern Italy. Bergamot is most commonly used to flavor Earl Grey tea, however the scent of the essential oil is different from the more floral flavoring of Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is also largely used in perfumery, especially men’s colognes.


    Bergamot oil was traditionally used in Italian folk medicine as a digestive aid and as to treat intestinal parasites and fevers. Today, Bergamot essential oil is being studied for other health benefits, especially anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties


    Primary uses for our Bergamot Essential Oil include stress relief, sleep and digestive aid, and reducing anxiety and depression. Also used to ease skin irritations, clear skin infections and aid in healing wounds. May also uplift and relax mood.


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