Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica) has a sweet, balsamic aroma with strong woody undertones. Our Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is grown in Morocco. The wood from the tree is steam distilled to produce a yellow oil with a thin consistency. Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil is categorized as one of our Wood/Resin oils.


GC/MS Reports

Cedarwood, Atlas

  • Though there are many cedarwood essential oils, not all are the same. The most common species sold as cedarwood oil are Virginian  (Juniperus virginiana), Himalayan (Cedrus deodora) and Atlas (Cedrus atlantica). All these cedarwoods are similar, but have differing compounds, aromas and properties.


    Primary uses for our Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil include skin and hair care, use as a sleep aid and stress management, and to ease coughs and colds.

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