Want to take your essential oils with you? These empty rollerballs are what you need to make your own easy, ready to use essential oil blends. Just add your essential oil or blend of choice, dilute with carrier oil, pop the roller insert in and go! Rollerballs are handy and safe for kids, traveling, and more!


For kids: Dilute to 1% for ages 2 to 5 years - 2 drops EO and fill the rest of the roller with carrier oil.



For adults and kids over 5 years follow recommended dilution rate for oil of choice. Generally dilute to 3% - 10 drops EO and fill the rest of the roller with carrier oil.

Empty Rollerball 10mL

Multi-Pack Options

    5ml (1tsp)

    half rollerball

    10ml (2tsp)

    full rollerball

    1% 1 drop EO 3 drops EO
    2% 3 drops EO 6 drops EO
    3% 4 drops EO 9 drops EO
    4% 6 drops EO 12 drops EO
    5% 7 drops EO 15 drops EO


  • Lavender - calming, pain relief, inflammation, sleep aid


    Peppermint - invigorating, mental fatigue, pain relief, headaches, energy boost


    Immune Support Blend - fighting colds, boosing immune system, disinfecting, energizing


    Muscle Rub Blend - relieving muscle and nerve pain and tension, headaches, muscle soreness and injuries, cramps, mental clarity, energy boost

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