Sweet Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum, ct linalool) has a strong herbaceous aroma with woody accents. Much safer and more gentle than basil ct methyl chavicol (estragole), which has a sharper, more licorice-like scent, our Sweet Basil Essential Oil is grown in Egypt and the harvested leaves are steam distilled. This oil is a thin, pale yellow oil, and is part of our Herbal category.


GC/MS Reports

Sweet Basil

  • Basil has a long and successful history as a medicinal herb. Our Sweet Basil Essential Oil can be used to relieve muscle pain and stimulate the mind. Sweet Basil ct linalool essential oil contains mainly linalool, with only a small percentage of estragole, making it much gentler than the potentially liver-harming and carcinogenic high estragole chemotype.


    Primary uses for our Sweet Basil include soothing bug bites, relieving sore muscles and clarifying the mind.

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