Diffuser Necklace


Diffuser Necklace

This dainty, and elegant necklace is beautifully handmade with a single lava stone. Choose a round stone or triangle stone for elegant personal aromatherapy. Lava stones are a natural, porous stone and an excellent essential oil diffuser. All the benefits of aromatherapy in a gorgeous piece you'll want to wear every day!


Available in silver plated and gold plated chain for each stone style.
All styles have the intricate hand-beaded detail on the chain.

  • 18in chain (not adjustable)
  • 16in chain for small triangle (not adjustable)
  • Handmade - including beaded detail on chain
  • Genuine gold plated or silver plated chain
  • Genuine whole lava stone
  • Triangle stone - 15mm
  • Small triangle stone - 11mm
  • Round stone - 11mm

Place 1 drop of essential oil or blend (undiluted) on stone

Allow to fully absorb before wearing (about 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on oil)

Aroma lasts 4 hours or more!


Caution - do not place any oils on stone you have a known allergy to. Use caution with Hot oils.


If you would like to use a Hot oil or Immune Support blend in your diffuser necklace - apply carrier oil onto chest/neck area that stone rests on to dilute oil and protect skin from irritation.