Seasonal Blend + Wood Ornament


Seasonal Blend + Wood Ornament
Kid Safe Product KIDS SAFE

Our Evergreen or Holiday Spirit blend paired with a wood ornament (made by local kc maker Detour Goods!)! Uncoated wood acts as a natural diffuser so add a few drops of the blend to the ornament and enjoy the fresh scent wherever you choose to hang it! We think it’s a perfect teacher’s or office gift!

Note: Snowflake designs vary.


Ingredients- Evergreen Blend

Black Spruce - Picea mariana

Ho Wood - Cinnamomum camphora

Pine - Pinus sylvestris

Port Orford Cedar - Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Balsam Fir - Abies balsamea

Frankincense - Boswellia carterii

  • Purify, deodorize and freshen air

  • Decongest, ease cough and aid breathing

  • Support respiratory function

  • Pain relief
  • Aid concentration and meditation

  • Boost energy and relieve fatigue


These statements are not evaluated by the FDA. Verdant EOs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Add a few drops of your blend to raw wood ornament and allow it to soak in. Hang on your tree, in the car, or classroom and enjoy the benefits!

NOTE: Snowflake ornament designs vary.

  • Consult physician before use if pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Kid safe for children over the age of 6 months when diluted properly

  • Always test diluted oil on a small area of skin before topical use