Eve’s Blend Roller


Eve’s Blend Roller

Eve's Blend has a fresh, floral scent and is created to help relieve menstrual symptoms. Oils like Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, Cypress and Sweet Orange work together to relieve PMS symptoms, balance hormones and mood swings and ease period cramps. Created just for the ladies, Eve's Blend is ready to roll on whenever PMS symptoms or cramps try to interrupt your day!



Clary Sage - Salvia sclarea

Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens

Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata

Geranium - Pelargonium graveolen

Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

Roman Chamomile - Anthemis nobilis

Sweet Orange - Citrus sinensis

Fractionated Coconut oil - Cocos nucifera


Essential oils pre-diluted to 4% and ready to use

  • Relieve menstrual cramps and bloating

  • Reduce mood swings

  • Balance hormones

  • Relieve PMS symptoms


These statements are not evaluated by the FDA. Verdant EOs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Topically: Essential oil blend pre-diluted and ready to use! Roll a few swipes on abdomen below navel daily both before and during menstrual cycle. For mood benefits - roll a few swipes on wrists, back of neck and temples.

For best results, use consistently 1-2 weeks before next predicted cycle or directly after a cycle.


Shelf life: 3-4 years when properly stored

Storage: Minimize exposure to light, air and heat to get the full benefit and life out of your oil. Store your oil tightly sealed and try to keep it between 59 and 71° F.

  • Not for pregnant women due to clary sage (this oil facilitates labor)

  • Always test oil on a small area of skin before use