TumEase Roller


TumEase Roller
Kid Safe Product KIDS SAFE

Our TumEase roller helps soothe your little ones tummy troubles. Use this blend to help relieve painful gas and to promote digestion. TumEase has a light, faintly floral aroma and is created with oils that are considered safe for children 6 months and older.



Roman Chamomile - Anthemis nobilis

Rosemary ct verbenone - Rosmarinus officinalis

Sweet Marjoram - Origanum majorana

Sweet Almond oil - Prunus dulcis


This blend of essential oils are kid-friendly, pre-diluted to 2% and ready to use!

  • Relieve painful gas

  • Encourage digestion


These statements are not evaluated by the FDA. Verdant EOs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Topically: Essential oil blend pre-diluted and ready to use! Roll a few swipes on abdomen area to help soothe stomach pain from gas and promote digestion.


Shelf life: 3-4 years when properly stored


Storage: Minimize exposure to light, air and heat to get the full benefit and life out of your oil. Store your oil tightly sealed and try to keep it between 59 and 71° F.

  • Always test oil on a small area of skin before use

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