The oil just ran out. Now what?

Well, obviously, we make a mental note to order more. But what about the empty bottle and tube? Typically they find their way to the graveyard cupboard of “don’t know where else to put this but I feel kinda bad tossing it”. 

Turns out, your empty cardboard tubes and bottles have a lot more recycling potential than filler space in the catch-all cupboard. Here’s a few quick and easy ways to reuse your tubes and bottles without having to get super crafty, and if you’re like me, you’ll love how these options don’t require mastery level DIY experience (and patience)!

Cardboard Tubes

Recycling Verdant Tubes & Bottles

USE #1 - Plant Starters!

Yup, grow your seedlings safe and sound in one of your used cardboard tubes! Poke a few holes in the bottom of the tube for watering - or flip it around and use the top part of the tube if you like the natural color better ;) 

Fill it up with soil and plant your seed! Voila! Recycling and growing a new plant... you’ve earned a double green thumb!

USE #2 - Fire Starters!

Our families love a good fire on a chilly evening… but fire starters can get expensive and, well, newspapers can be tricky to find in our digital age. So grab your old cardboard tube! Pop out the top piece and fill the empty cylinder with old lint from your dryer machine and you've got a diy fire starter! Remember to first peel off the tube label and check the bottom of your tube for a batch code sticker.

USE #3 - Toddler Toys!

Lots of opportunities here. Let the kiddos come up with the creative ways to use the cardboard tube or get them started with some of these ideas! 

Design the outside and fill it with beads for a rattle or shaker or poke holes in the sides and have kids practice fine motor control by threading pipe cleaners through the holes! Another idea - pom pom drop! Pop the tops out, tape the tubes to a large piece of cardboard or a wall  and set up your own course - check out SpongeKids for some more info on setting up a course... 

In general, the tubes are too big to swallow, but to be on the safe side we suggest keeping the smaller 5mL tube out of reach and peeling off the tube label before play time. 

Recycling Verdant Tubes & Bottles

Side note: you may have discovered it already, but these tubes make some pretty funny noises when you pull an empty one apart really fast. Guaranteed giggle starter - yes, we tested it on ourselves (no shame…)

Glass Bottles

The best way to reuse your old glass bottles is for creating new personal blends! We have a lot of recipe ideas on our IG account @verdantessentialoils to help get you started. Or, create your own blend! Make a 15mL of a straight essential oil blend or store a prediluted blend to restock your favorite roller! 

The best way to clean your bottles is to rinse them out with a bit of warm soapy water and then swirl a bit of denatured alcohol inside to clean out the old oil smell. Plus using alcohol helps it dry a lot faster! 

Did we miss any? What are some of your favorite recycle ideas for our tubes and bottles? Comment and let us know!