What's an Enneagram?

Ever been asked "I'm a type _ , what are you?" and then given them a blank look? 

It's the "Enneagram Types" - a personality test structure that's similar to something like a Meyer's Briggs test. The main difference is the enneagram system looks at the "basic fear" and "basic desire" of personalities and how they act in relation to others when they're stressed or balanced. 

Knowing your type can be a helpful tool to better understand how you relate to others (and yourself!) and areas you can grow and mature in. Here's a free quiz to find out what your enneagram type is!     

How can oils help?

Oils don't just help with the physical - they can help promote a healthy mind, balance emotions and even energy levels!

Essential oils can work wonders in areas like immune health, cleaning and skin care (just to name a few!) but researchers and holistic health experts have studied and used them for stress relief, nervous tension, depression, fear, anxiety and other ailments that can attack a healthy mind and emotions. 

That's where oils can help with the enneagram types! There's so many oils and so many different properties to choose from... but here are some of the best one's to complement each types' main talent and inner struggle!  


TYPE 1 - the reformer

Special Talent: Strong sense of right and wrong with high standards; excel at organization and want to make the world a better place.

Inner Struggle: Can find it difficult to relax and can be their own harsh inner critic; fear becoming "bad" or corrupt. A healthy and balanced 1 is "wise, discerning, realistic and noble"

Your strength blend:

When you need to get stuff done, these oils help give you focus and a bit of a boost to finish that to do list (cause 1's know the list keeps growing!)

Your challenge blend:

Remember that it's important to relax - and sometimes accept certain things we can't change on our own. This blend can help you get out of your head and ease a tense grip on a situation.

Type 1 as an oil... Black Spruce!

Refreshing with a bit of spice, it's great for stress management,
relieves exhaustion and helps foster forgiveness and self-acceptance.

TYPE 2 - the helper

Special Talent: A heart to care for others and make them feel appreciated and needed; intuitively know how others feel and what might need.

Inner Struggle: Can feel overly possessive and have a hard time acknowledging their own needs; struggle with a fear of being unloved and not needed.

A healthy and balanced 2 is "unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others."

Your strength blend:

You have a gift to reach out, connect and uplift! These oils help energize you while balancing over sensitive emotions. 

Your challenge blend:

Time for an emotional "recharge" - this blend helps promote a some calm confidence and balance out and ground emotions. Everyone needs a moment to re-focus - remember that it's ok to take that time for you too, 2's;) 

The oil for 2's... Roman Chamomile!

A balanced, smooth and floral scent to help combat feelings of loneliness, insecurity and negative thoughts while reducing emotional over sensitivity!

TYPE 3 - the achiever

Special Talent: Productivity at full speed and at its finest; desire to feel valuable and show their worth.

Inner Struggle: Can focus too much on finding their worth in their achievements; can struggle with a fear of being worthless.

A healthy and balanced 3 is "self-accepting, authentic, everything they seem to be—role models who inspire others."

Your strength blend:

There are goals to meet and stuff to accomplish today - so this blend's for you! Its an energy/focus boost while helping you stay grounded and confident.

Your challenge blend:

Chill Out Blend (Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Marjoram, Sweet Orange)

Our Chill Out blend is perfect for a time out to refocus and relax. These oils help reduce stress, depression and a heavy sense of perfectionism. Plus, they help uplift and balance emotions;)

Type 3 as an oil... Ylang Ylang!

It's got a distinctive sweet and floral scent, and it's perfect for reducing stress, anxiety, despondency and promotes joy and euphoria.

TYPE 4 - the individualist

Special Talent: Love to create; possess a unique perspective of the world and seek an identity and significance all their own.

Inner Struggle: Can feel overwhelmed with emotions; are afraid of having no identity or personal significance.

A healthy and balanced 4 is "inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences."

Your strength blend:

Whether it's writer's block or just a blank canvas that won't cooperate, these oils work together to help you find that fresh perspective and stimulate creativity!

Your challenge blend:

Love the smell of this blend! This is your blend for when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed - it's full of calming oils that also help you process and release negative emotions. 

The oil for 4's... Petitgrain!

Warm, woody and fresh citrus scent, this oil is perfect for stimulating creativity and giving a fresh perspective. It uplifts mood and calms the mind!

TYPE 5 - the investigator

Special Talent: innovation balanced with rational and logical thinking; driven by a desire to be capable and competent.

Inner Struggle: Can struggle with finding the energy or desire to accept or process feelings and emotions; can fear being seen as useless or helpless.

Healthy and balanced 5's are "visionary pioneers, often ahead of their time, and able to see the world in an entirely new way."

Your strength blend:

For a type 5, quiet time to process and "think it over" is a must. This blend helps calm, relieve stress and reduce obsessive thinking so you can relax and recharge! 

Your challenge blend:

When going out and "being social" is necessary (even when you just want to stay home and curl up with a good book...), this blend can help get you ready. These oils keep you grounded and help you feel calm and uplifted when your interacting with others. 

Type 5 as an oil... Sweet Marjoram!

It's got a light, fresh and herbal aroma, and it's full of properties that help relieve anxiety, reduce insecurity and obsessive thinking and is sedating.

TYPE 6 - the loyalist

Special Talent: A friend through thick and thin - values loyalty, stability and trust; seeks security and support.

Inner Struggle: Can fear being without a strong support system and trustworthy guidance; can be suspicious or overly anxious.

A healthy and balanced 6 is "internally stable and self-reliant, courageously championing themselves and others."

Your strength blend:

It's definitely something we can all struggle with, but type 9's sometimes have to work through some feelings of self-doubt. This blend is a confidence boost to get you energized and promote feelings of balance and stability!

Your challenge blend:

Here's a blend to help relax and reassure - also makes a great perfume to wear all day;) These oils help reassure and reduce anxiety while helping you stay more connected with those around you. 

The oil for 6's... Bergamot!

A smooth and spicy citrus oil, it's uplifting, reduces anxiety and helps reduce feelings of insecurity, despondency and loneliness!

TYPE 7 - the enthusiast

Special Talent: Love to draw others in to have a good time and enjoy life at its fullest; seeking satisfaction and contentment.

Inner Struggle: Tries to avoid the hard and boring stuff in life if possible; can fear being deprived or in pain.

Healthy and balanced 7's "focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied."


Your strength blend:

A blend that matches you - spreading contentment and cheer! These oils help calm, balance and uplift emotions and the mind... and smell perfect together;) 

Your challenge blend:

When it's time to power through the mundane tasks, drop these oils in your diffuser! They help you focus, relieve tension and energize you to make it through some of the boring and difficult things in life.

Type 7 as an oil... Pink Grapefruit!

Light, citrus fresh, this oil is stimulating, energizing and helps manage stress and reduce fear.

TYPE 8 - the challenger

Special Talent: Natural leaders who strive to accomplish what they set out to do; desire to be in control of their life and future.

Inner Struggle: Can struggle to live in the moment and not control others; can fear being harmed or controlled by others.

Healthy and balanced 8's are "self- mastering, they use their strength to improve others' lives, becoming heroic, magnanimous, and inspiring."

Your strength blend:

Add this one to the recipe book! It's an energy boost so you can better accomplish life tasks while easing stress, tension and a need to control.

Your challenge blend:

Sometimes situations (annnd people...) don't always follow the plan. So when it's time to adapt and re-plan try diffusing this blend! These oils help create a sense of balance, peace and security. 

Type 8 as an oil... Peppermint!

Minty fresh and clean, this oil is invigorating, encourages self-confidence and fresh perspective and helps soothe a hot temper.

TYPE 9 - the peacemaker

Special Talent: Professionals at solving conflicts and finding the middle ground; desires inner stability and peace of mind.

Inner Struggle: Can struggle with a strong sense of identity; fears loss and separation.

Healthy and balanced 9's are "indomitable and all-embracing, they are able to bring people together and heal conflicts."


Your strength blend:

Our De-Stress blend is a go to for stressful situations that need to be handled. Oils in this blend are energizing and stress relieving for when you need it;)

Your challenge blend:

This blend is simple but effective! It helps uplift your mood and reduce anxiety when the world around can get too loud and demanding.

Type 9 as an oil... Lemon!

The king of citrus oils, lemon is uplifting, anti-depressant and adaptogenic. It helps balance mind, mood and body.

Did we get your ennegram type oil right??

Try some of these recipes for your ennegram type (or someone else's!) and let us know what you think!