Good quality essential oils can be hard to come by. It’s made even more confusing when you have to sort through terms like “therapeutic grade”, organic, non-GMO and so on. Just what do they mean and which makes a better oil?! In this post, we're going to focus on “wildcrafted” essential oils…

What Is Wildcrafted?

When an oil is termed wildcrafted, it means it's grown in its natural habitat without any interference or help from man. All people did was pick it. That means no pesticides, no GMOs and no herbicides… but it also means no certification. 

Wildcrafted oils cannot be FDA certified organic because man hasn’t controlled or micro-managed any part of the growing process. We just let nature do its thing and then harvested the result.

What Is Good Wildcrafted?

Just because it’s wildcrafted doesn’t make it's nature's pièce de résistance … so here's how you can tell the difference between good wildcrafted and the best wildcrafted essential oils.

The World of Wildcrafted Oils

A tip to evaluating a wildcrafted essential oil is to check its origin and the environment it was harvested from. If it’s high quality wildcrafted, it stands to reason the oil should come from areas the plant is native to or grows best in. So check its geographical location.

Lavender is a great example of this. Lavandula angustifolia, more commonly known as True or English Lavender, traces its origin from Europe to northern/eastern Africa, areas around the Mediterranean and parts of southwest Asia to southeast India.

The best quality lavender essential oil comes from plants grown at higher altitudes. Studies have shown that lavender plants produce higher quantities of linalyl acetate and linalool high in the mountains. These compounds are believed to be some of the most therapeutic (a.k.a healing) compounds found in lavender.

The World of Wildcrafted Oils

Right now, we have two essential oils that are grown wildcrafted - Lavender Essential Oil, which is grown wildcrafted in the Bulgarian mountains, and our Sweet Orange Essential Oil, grown wildcrafted in Belize.

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