Soothing Allergies with Essential Oils

Fighting allergies? Some essential oils can be a great tool to help soothe allergy symptoms. If you're investigating into managing allergies with more natural remedies, read our earlier blog post here - it explains how allergies affect our bodies (specifically the immune system) and lists some helpful natural remedies. In this post, we focus specifically on essential oils for allergies and list some of the best ones to use based on their properties. Below are some of our favorites!

Essential Oils

These oils are separated into their main properties that can help with allergies: antiallergenic, decongestant, bronchodilator and adaptogenic.

Some oils fall into multiple categories and we don't list all the properties of each oil here - there's just too many;) If you'd like more info on a particular oil, you can click the oil and in its product page you can view its details!

Antiallergenic Oils

An antiallergenic oil helps counter allergic symptoms.

Decongestant Oils

An oil with decongestant properties helps relieve sinus pressure and congestion.

Palo Santo (kid safe)

Blue Tansy (kid safe)



German Chamomile (kid safe)

Helichrysum (kid safe)

Bronchodilator Oils

An oil with bronchodilator properties helps open up airways and relax muscles in the lungs.

Adaptogenic Oils

An adaptogenic oil helps stimulate whats acting sluggish and calms what is agitated.

Lavender (kid safe)

Lemon (kid safe)

Tips for Blending

The best way to use oils for allergies is to diffuse or to inhale directly from the bottle.

If you're new to blending, no worries! Keep it simple at first and just choose two or three oils you know you'll like the smell of. We love the smell of lavender, lemon and peppermint together - they even inspired our Allergy Blend! Later on, you can expand your blend and add in some more oils from categories that fit your needs best.

For kids, try combos like lavender, blue tansy and eucalyptus radiata for a sweeter/floral scent. A blend like palo santo, lemon and rosemary verbenone has a more woodsy and citrus scent. These are just a few options to get you started. Part of the fun is finding what scents the kids prefer and having them help build their very own blend!

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