Cold and flu season is coming around again...ugh. So we decided to list some of our top oils and how to use them! Check out the end of this post for some of our team's favorite ways to boost immunity the natural way! Make sure and comment or contact us with any questions you have;)

| Our Top Oils for the Immune System

There are so many oils that can help stimulate or support the immune system... so our list is a longer one - but that just allows you to choose which one's like the best and gives you opportunities to swap blends up so your immune system doesn't get used to one oil. We've also linked helpful articles and studies done on some of the oils if your interested! 

Top Oils to Support Your Immune System

Immuno-Supportive Oils:

Immunostimulative Oils:

These oils focus on stimulating your immune system response...

Top Oils to Support Your Immune System

Immunomodulating Oils:

Immunomodulating brings the immune system back into balance, so if your immune system is overactive an immunomodulating oil will calm it, and if it’s under-active it will stimulate it...

Blends for Immune Support:

We have to mention the blends! Check out our synergy blog! It explains why blends of EOs can be even more effective than just using one oil! 

| How To Use Oils for Immune Support


One of the easiest methods is to plug in your favorite diffuser, add several drops of your essential oil and push the button to start diffusing! But if you don’t have a diffuser, here are a few diffusing hacks… 

  • Add several drops to a cotton ball and put it by your pillow or nightstand at night before you go to bed... 
  • Or inhale straight from the bottle;) This option also works great when you're out and about running errands. Our oils come in protective cardboard tubes that easily fit in a bag or purse so you don’t have to worry about the bottle breaking or leaking!


Adding essential oils to a carrier oil and rubbing them on areas like your chest, neck or bottoms of feet (which have lots of reflexology points) target immune boost responses in your body!

  • For rollerballs, 12-15 eo drops total for a 10ml rollerball and then fill rest of the way with carrier oil.
  • Use a small glass bowl for quick blends too! For hot oils (like cinnamon & oregano) do 2-3 drops EO per tsp carrier oil - other oils do 5 drops per 1 tsp carrier oil. 
Top Oils to Support Your Immune System

Side note on ingestion - We don’t recommend taking essential oils internally in general. Some essential oils interact with medications while others are toxic when taken internally. Even though our oils are GCMS tested, pure and unadulterated, we don’t recommend people ingest oils off-handedly without first contacting a certified aromatherapist and going over your personal goals and health history. Most of the time, using oils topically or aromatically are more effective for health goals than ingesting them.

Q & A

Finishing with a some practical Q&A for you all ;) We asked our Verdant Oils team what they do to boost their immune system, here's what they said...


"I diffuse Immune Support around the house and start taking colloidal silver. I also build up my immune system by taking Vitamin C, B-complex supplements and elderberry syrup. When I feel congestion from a cold, I’ll rub Cough+Cold on my chest and feet and inhale deeply from the bottle. Lobelia is also a big one for me when dealing with congestion. I take it in tincture form and it helps my sinuses clear!"


"I start taking colloidal silver. I tend to get head colds so I like to pair oils like Eucalyptus and Immune Support blend. Immune Support I rub on the bottoms of my feet - but since it tends to keep me awake, I'll diffuse Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender at bed time to target any respiratory issues!"


"Colloidal silver and LOTS of EmergenC.  I like to use Cough + Cold and Oregano too. When I feel a sore throat or stuffy nose coming on, I’ll inhale Cough+Cold throughout the day. At night before bed, I like to rub a few drops of Oregano on the bottom of my feet. While it dries, I’ll take several deep breaths from the oil residue on my hands, making sure to not touch my face though... It doesn’t affect the skin of your palms or bottoms of feet but Oregano can burn if you get any undiluted oil on your face (speaking from experience lol). Quick fix is to rub some carrier oil where you touched your skin;)"