School's out and a break from a long work week sounds heavenly... time for summer vacation!

We got the itch travel last June and were able to spend an amazing week in Paris and Nice, France! Great food, breathtaking scenery and a couple 2019 World Cup soccer matches (GO USA!) made the perfect trip... 

And, yup, we packed essential oils! If you have a big oil collection, it's hard to decide which ones to take... So let's talk essential oil travel tips.


Rollers are your best friend! Seriously, I took them everywhere with me: plane, dinner, walking, bus rides... they were of passport-level importance in my fanny pack! 

Why use a roller? So pre-diluted roller blends are, well, pre-diluted - they're already at the right dilution rate and ready to apply! They're a must have for travel in our book since it cuts out the hassle of having to pack a 4oz carrier oil. Fit in any pocket, purse or passport lanyard sleeve for overseas travel. Bonus - 10ml size makes is TSA security approved for air travel! (Just don't forget the plastic bag!)   


Blends are your other best friend! Plus, most of them come in a handy roller, so they're like best friends with benefits...

One of my favorites to travel with is De-Stress. I used this one in a roller all the time as my personal jack-of-all-trades blend. Works in a pinch for sore muscles, digestion, and as an energizer! It also helps balance your body for long plane rides and overseas travel when you're hopping through multiple time zones... ugh. 

TumEase is my other go to travel blend! This lil' guy worked great when we ate out. That 7 hour time difference in Paris took some getting used to for sure when it came to eating habits! It helped my system adapt and stay happy trying out all those yummy crepes and sauces! 

Try out this recipe for boosting TumEase for adults and kids over 5 years!

Traveling with Oils


We love blends, but there's always that one oil you just can't do without when traveling. For me, it's Tea Tree. A great acne spot treatment (for countless tourist pictures every 15 min) and it's deodorizing and anti-bacterial properties make Tea Tree my go-to single oil... 

What's yours??

Traveling with Oils

Here's some good oils to try as single rollers:

  • Pink Grapefruit for fatigue
  • Oregano for immune boost
  • Lavender for sleep
  • Ylang Ylang for stress
  • Peppermint for pain/swelling