Co-Founder & Aromatherapist

I'm a certified Aromatherapist, rock climber and lover of all things natural. At Verdant Oils, I share my experience and knowledge by creating blends, researching essential oils and helping people develop their own healthy lifestyle


Co-Founder & Aromatherapist

As a certified Aromatherapist, new mom and healthy living enthusiast... I'm excited to share my passion for  natural living with essential oils.

I create blends, answer questions and do a lot of research about essential oils for Verdant Oils


Co-Founder & Writer

I'm a healthy living and nutrition enthusiast with a Bachelors in Communication Studies. 

As the girl behind the scenes, I write and share our combined knowledge through our website, social media and blog

Our goal is simple... Share our passion and knowledge so you can create your own healthy lifestyle with essential oils. 

About Us

Each member of our founding team grew up in families who placed a high value on healthy, natural living. What started as “because Mom told me to” turned into habit, and after researching it for ourselves, it became our chosen lifestyle. Essential oils are a major part of that lifestyle. This has lead two of our founding team members to become certified aromatherapists.


Essential oils are not new, but the science behind them is. Essential oils are not some mystical potion or unexplainable magic serum. There is scientific evidence for their claimed properties. Though we can’t make as many health claims as we’d like due to FDA regulations, we can point you in the right direction to form your own opinions based on what evidence is out there.

We started Verdant Oils because we want to make a healthy difference for other families. Our parents always said to do what you love. Dad also added if you can make a living out of it... even better. Through years of experience with oils and much research, we have had trouble finding essential oils you can trust without the enormous price tag. We want to fix this. We believe that high quality doesn’t always have to mean high dollar.


Essential oils are our passion - from the science behind them, to purity, to everyday uses. We want to inspire you to learn and develop your own healthy lifestyle using essential oils.

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